About Millennial Men

Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.com

Join the journey of the modern millennial man

Millennial dads is about the journey of men who grew up watching power rangers and Pokemon, experienced the tingling sensation as your 14K dial-up modem first fired up and you were suddenly connected to hundreds of other teenagers. Got to experience the Michael Jordan phenomenon and carried your Nintendo 64 controller to your friends house for an all-night session of 007 Golden Eye. 

But now life has changed from those times of having out with friends all-day and staying up late to hanging out with the family and making sure you get enough sleep before your human alarm clock wakes you up at 6 AM. Your interests haven’t changed but now you have to carve out time in order to continue doing these things while also being a good dad.

Millennial dad is a collection of tips and tricks that have been picked up along the way in order to make your life easier. Whether it’s looking at the benefits of certain baby bottles or diapers to training efficiently to stay healthy and finance tips along with some random articles that you may find entertaining. 

So, welcome to the age of the millennial dad and hope you are able to find some interesting tidbits of information as we all trek through this journey of fatherhood and manhood. You’re not that hot shot single guy at the bar any more, you’re in a completely new stage, which is not worse or better, just different. 

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