The Millennial Man

Sitting on the floor in front of a large CRT monitor, you’re immersed in a intense 007 Golden Eye match with your friends. There’s always that one kid that selected the short guy. You look up at the time and realize it’s already 6 PM and you’re about to get a mouthful from your parents when you get home.

You manage to get your way through school and find yourself in the workforce and are making your way through life (if just barely) and happen to find the love of your life and somehow convince that person to marry you. And in a blink of an eye, you’re now a father and have weight of this person’s entire world in both of your hands.

Where was the prep time for this? How do we know if we are doing well (side note: we’ll probably never know if we are doing the best but doing something is better than nothing)? Millennial Men was started because being a man in these times are a bit different from the images we grew up with as children.

Here, we share tidbits of information that we found helpful in our journey through manhood in this new age and at times random pieces of information that we find entertaining. We hope you are keen to join the journey and discussion; finding ways to provide your nuggets of lifehacks and little efficiencies that allow you to maybe eek out a few hours in the golf course.

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